The Cinnabar Tyria Jacobaeae - Life is art

Looking at the often overlooked,
one of many teeth within this cog.

A flash of brilliant red from under
the black silk señoritas gown ignited a thought.

This gift opened the vision bringing forth
the question, Life is art?

A simple moth, unknown and unseen
until then, googled and named, answered over eight days.

Look within and deep, then watch again but away to
an edge, there look again. See

Life is art.

cortometraje, kurtfilm, short film, court métrage, cortometraggio, μικρού μήκους ταινία,
Film labur, Curtmetratge, فيلم قصير , scannán gairid, ショートフィルム, Фильм, Curta metragem, הסרט הקצר
Stuttmynd, 短片, Krótki film, लघु फिल्म , Kısa film, 짧은 필름 , ffilm byr, Kort film, Krátký film, مختصر فلم , Lyhytelokuva , Phim ngắn, Кратък филм, שאָרט פילם , Filem Pendek, film laburra,

Life is art.

by martyn randles (c)2011

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