Here’s a new music video from bright stem; but unlike previous videos both the music and visuals have been developed in unison by myself.

I’ve been wanting to develop a creative process which explored the visual and audio as one creative entity for some time but have never felt my self an adequate musician (whatever that means) to do so. But recently I made the leap into the audio world and this is the first product of that leap. I wanted to explore the relationship between the audio and visual at there most basic level. To do this I decided to strip things back to there basics which meant a simple frantic fast passed audio track which would abruptly stop and start, me dancing to the track in front of a camera and some basic yellow/white animations.

But as well as this rather scientific exploration the video also has also a more personal edge. A good friend Conor Shaw or C-Dog to his friends died recently, he featured quite prominently in two previous Not Squares music videos I made Asylum and Release the Bees. We would both be at our happiest whilst erratically throwing our limbs around whilst listening to music. He was also some one who I would talk through possible future projects and who always encouraged me to get them made. So this video seems a fitting tribute to him.

Here are some of the images/videos I was looking at prior to making the vid.


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