Foschini's winter wonderland welcomes in new range.

Getting the South African consumer ready for the future winter chill of 2006, fashion retail giant Foschini has embarked on an animated advertising campaign to inspire consumers and communicate a call to action on the latest fashion trends.

Foschini Marketing Director Kathryn Sakalis says, "In step with international fashion trends, we are supporting the charming folkloric story, which features embroidery, trims and tribal elements from across the globe. Winter's folklore fashion incorporates the evolution of summer's gypsy skirt, transformed by the use of fabric mixes and interesting embellishments. This story is versatile, flattering and has wide-spread appeal."

The advertising agency tasked with creating the campaign, The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, stated that animation was an essential part of the campaign's creative concept as animation allowed for a higher creative execution paramount for the delivery of the concept to the audience.

Says The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town Creative Director Joanne Thomas, "This concept required live-action set against an animated backdrop. By creating such an illustrated wonderland, the viewer is inspired to let the clothing serve as fuel for their imagination."

Foschini has a long-standing tradition of incorporating animation in its advertising offerings. Through the years, the animation has progressed from solely graphic depictions of an iconic fashionista to a combination of graphic and live-action animation, allowing for the brand to be at the forefront of the latest in digital advances.

Supported by animation greenhouse Masters and Savant, co-founder Roger Smythe says, "Animation plays an integral part in advertising a retail brand to the consumer. Through animation, consumers are inspired to purchase a retail product, thus re-creating the ideal world depicted on-screen."

He says, "For fashion advertising, animation is the perfect tool for creating a new world where the clothing is allowed to inspire the environment and provide an exotic lifestyle to entice the consumer."

Foschini's Kathryn Sakalis comments: "An animated commercial, in this case, succeeds in allowing for an easier creation of a fantasy winter wonderland within the mind of the targeted consumer. Foschini is the clothing brand to watch this winter, with definitive styles and fabrics to send our customers out into the world dressed to melt the icy winter chill."

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