This webinar demonstrates how one of the top animation programs in the world is using ConceptShare in the classroom. Sofronis Efstathiou (Joint Associate Dean of Bournemouth's National Centre for Computer Animation) will talk about and demonstrate how he and other faculty are using ConceptShare in the modern animation classroom and the benefits they have achieved for themselves and their students.

Bournemouth is using ConceptShare’s visual collaboration platform to support:

Rapid and Effective Critiques: See how instructors at Bournemouth are able to review and annotate student projects through a web browser.

Accelerated Learning: Learn how students are able to more efficiently consume and apply instructor feedback to improve their projects.

Open Learning Environments: See how student projects and instructors' reviews can be both private and also shared across teams and classes.

This video uses an old version of ConceptShare. Our latest version, V4, has new features that help modern marketers and creative teams share, communicate and collaborate, like…
- Activity Feeds
- Project and Workflow Templates
- Mobile compatibility
- Annotation and Version Control
- Smart Folders
…and more. Take a trial at

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