Regarding Smart FilmTM, its breakthrough feature is that the customer could easily and directly roll and adhere Smart FilmTM to glasses by simply peeling off its protective film without adding any extra adhesive in-between Smart FilmTM and the glasses, and also can repetitively adhere Smart FilmTM to the glasses in case of installation misalignment. In addition, Smart FilmTM is different from traditional privacy glasses which need longer delivery lead time, higher installation cost, higher transportation cost due to glass weight, and disassemble existing glass at sites. For technical information, please feel visit the official website,

Smart FilmTM could be used for privacy, security, and window view control as well as blocking sunlight for saving energy. Furthermore, Smart FilmTM is also different from rear projection film which is always translucent for projection only without switching on-off and dimming function. Smart FilmTM under white opaque (power-off) status is able to deliver high projection quality on larger projection area (e.g. 160” and above, with sheet-by-sheet expansion) with LCD projectors by rear-end projection to the interior side of the window glass. So, Smart FilmTM on the window glass would be a fantastic tool for projection advertising, especially on building glass façade during the night in high traffic areas. It could be an additional way to make money via your existing glass windows which the rental is still to be paid during the night. Furthermore, Smart FilmTM can be incorporated with multiple touch panel, computer, and projector to create interactive function.

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