Wakan Tanka is a creative and innovative non-profit documentary film that features environmental and Indigenous Elders as they bring their heartfelt message to humankind about our relationship with our planet.

This film will explore how we can embrace the knowledge of our elders to address climate change and bring a message of hope to humankind, in particular youth.

This promotional video has been created to raise capital from the global community for the next phase of filming - a symbolic fictional journey of a child who must cross a nightmarish cityscape to reach the safety of his grandparents.

Wakan Tanka, meaning in the First Nation Lakota Sioux language 'Great Spirit,' is a powerful film that interweaves the voices of environmental and First Nation’s elders with a captivating fictional story to engage youth on climate change. A stunning line-up of music from international bands provides the incredible backdrop to this project.

The fictional journey will follow Zak, a 13 year old boy, as he makes his way across a nightmarish cityscape to find his way to the safety of his grandparent's house. Among scenes of Earthly decay and beauty, this documentary challenges present day societal norms while celebrating community and illustrating on the ground eco-actions by the youth of today. Included are sustainable skill-building examples to help youth understand what it is they can do to live more softly on the planet.

The film will be released on line for free in February 2012 by the Institute for Sustanability Education & Action (I-SEA), a charitable organization in Canada. I-SEA is working in collaboration with a UK charity, A Purpose for Life Foundation, to bring this project to fruition.

For more information please visit wakantankafilm.com or join our facebook.com/wakantankafilm

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