Color is seldom seen, if ever, as it really is. This video is about having the experience of the Colorbox. Are you experienced? Have you been Colorboxed?

From a distance, a glowing box changes colors. Getting closer, you might shadow dance until you notice a small doorway that beckons you inside. Stepping inside, without shadows, immersed in changing color and light, you discover that your body movement affects the visual displays around you.

For those outside the box, they see, but do not experience the same thing you do. Inside the box, unseen, you create the visual experience around you. Outside the box, you are a mere spectator. Having art as it's always been had, detached.

Step inside and you are veiled; you stand behind screens that serve as curtains, the backstage is the stage, participation is required, step inside and the outside world does not see you, they just see your projections.

It's a new way of experiencing color: The Laws of Color are in your Hands!

Beyond themes like "Shadow and Projection" exists the realm of art that supersedes a plan; collaboration. By giving you control of the room, you experience viscerally, how your visual perception is hardwired to accentuate contrast. And in doing so, you complete the art.

This video is of the debut of the Color Box 2011, an idea birthed in 2008 at the arts incubator and four day arts festival: SOURCE, on Maui. Alchemeyez is the Visionary Arts Congress on the Big Island of Hawai'i. These two festivals in the middle of the Pacific represent a movement of activated and expressed artists fostering the growth of the arts on the planet.

What is novel about the Colorbox?
By linking aspects of color, such as hue, value, and saturation, to body movement, the visual perceptive system is unmasked. In one example, raising one arm lifts up a gradient curtain of black to white, revealing a flat grey circle for what it is. The insight occurs when you lower your arm and match the midpoint of the curtain to the exact grey of the circle. The circle suddenly appears as a sphere.

Many Thanks
Projectors: InFocus 2100
Tools: Quartz Composer, VDMX, Tryplex Toolkit
Color Box Team 2011:
Scott Provonsha, MIchael Ryals, Ben Holt, Gina Fong

Sensual Seduction: Matthias Oostrik
OSCeleton Tryplex: Sebastian Kox
Color Arrays: Jerry Smith, Christopher Wright, Adam Fenn
Kinect Mask: Chris Patrick
Gestures: Casey Scalf
All the Kineme community
George Toledo, Jaymie Strecker

All the backers. Thanks so much for being a part of the Colorbox. I feel each and everyone of you as a part of it's creation.

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