2011-05-28 2nd journal, Mayan day

♥ Read along with the transcript, here - scribd.com/doc/57233001

Well, the previous journal entry flowed along just great. It was lovely, watching it coming through. Still, it didn’t touch where I thought it was going. There’s still something in there that wants to be said. Though I’m not sure what that is, let’s plow ahead, and see if this second journal of the day brings it out.

What am I trying to say? Heck, ‘What am I” is a better question than that. I don’t know. It’s more a feeling than anything mental, any knowing. The only thing this mind knows is that there have been changes during this seeming illness, and I want to explore that. I’ve watched some of them happening, but without strength or impulse to write them down. Well, now I’m back. Let’s dig in.

What brings you bliss, my friend? Make room for that in your life, in some way. Make it a priority, somehow. It will help connect you with yourself. It’s not an indulgence. Instead, it’s connecting with the real you. It’s finding and following back the string trail into heart. Find and follow your joy, and live in that. You can do this. We all can.

Oh yes, you’ll have to leave your allegiance to mind aside, that is true. Mind can’t contain the dualities, the polarities, and see them as whole - but heart can. They are drastically, distinctly different ways of viewing life. Nor do they mix. One can’t even take a little bit of mind into heart. The very minute you start thinking, heart ejects you. Thinking is not a heart energy. You have to discover this on your own. I’m just offering a heads-up...

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