I made a 40 second preview a few days ago and here is the full version (assuming I don't go out one more night)... I am quite tempted to go out one more time and get even more content, but for now here is. Enjoy!

Vivid Sydney is a relatively new attraction to Sydney-siders, involving various light shows on iconic buildings and objects. The festival has a duration of about 2 weeks each year and is a great time for local and visiting photographers to enjoy the unique designs.

From memory this is the 3rd year Vivid has existed. In the past, I've taken some interesting shots of the various lighting designs, but this year, I had to do a timelapse. I will be going out again in the coming week for more, but here is a preview of what I've collected so far.

I am stoked to have received so many time lapse job offers from viewers of this video. If you are looking to have a custom timelapse made, I'd love to discuss further. I can be contacted via my website jameszhao.com

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