The capacity or the used space on our hard drives or flash drives is just visualized digital. We never know for sure, how much memory is used on the data storage, we carry around with us.

DataBot Harddrive gives data a physical size. The hard drive grows or shrinks, according to the used space on the medium.
During the file-transmission, it also visualizes the progress with a blinking light, which speed decreases till the transmission is finished. By checking the analog scale on the body, you can always see the current fill level.
If an error occurs when transferring a file, the DataBot communicates this by shaking and blinking red.

The prototype was implemented with VVVV and Arduino. The constuction consists of a 3D-printed case, a servo-motor and some LED's.

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Interaction Design
6th Semester

Project team:
Jan Barth
Roman Grasy

Prof. Hans Krämer
Prof. Steffen Süpple

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