This video regards the promo commercial of my Final Master Project at the faculty of Industrial Design, TU/Eindhoven.

Apollon is a newly developed camera that provides playful photographers the opportunity to approach photography from a new perspective. The new aspect lies in the fact that the camera allows to be physically combined with the cameras of your friends. The photo's taken with your friends' cameras are wirelessly transferred to yours, resulting in a range of photo's of the same event but all from a slight different perspective. With these photo's new types of media can be generated that goes beyond the ordinary photo. For example, animated photo's that touches the feeling of a video and panorama's, which is just the beginning of what is possible. Since you automatically receive the photos taken with your friends' cameras, the generated media might become more interesting with a relatively high amount of cameras; friends.
An extra feature of the series Apollon cameras is that the remote, to take pictures, and the lens are decentralized, resulting in the possibility to act in the photo yourself while taking it. As it is open when and how to take photos with each other, a platform is presented that can be interpreted in various, playful, ways.

Apollon includes the camera and the related software to be used for combining and generating the new types of media.

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