No context for you!

...Oh, fine, if you insist. Welcome to "Out of Context Theater," the highlight reel for "Why is it Always Fire?", a podcast of sorts that follows a group of basement-dwelling gamer geeks. Sometimes we do pen & paper RPGs, sometimes board games, sometimes card games, usually we get distracted on insane tangents. OoCT focuses on that last one.

Tonight's main event, Waldo's homebrew Savage Worlds setting First Age!

Need context and/or have a few hours to kill? Check out our main production, "Why is it Always Fire?", on Vimeo (

Constructive criticism and suggestions are much appreciated! Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing here. Also, please spread the link to anyone who might be remotely interested!

Original recording on 12/13/2010
Cut down from 3h50m39s to 12m10s

Justin Belcher
Adam "G-Honky" Garrett
Joshua James
Daniel "Waldo" Lawson
Adam "Duffy" McDuffee
Candace James McGee

Audacity - Audio editing
GIMP -Image editing
Blender - Title/closing animations and final compilation/sequencing
Recorded with an Olympus VN-6200PC
Pretty much all work done by Adam Garrett.

Opening music is "Danger! High Voltage" by Electric Six. All games, images, music, products, services, etc. featured or mentioned belong to their respective copyright and/or trademark holders, used here without permission, hopefully probably maybe protected by Fair Use. Please don't sue!

Original creations, including but not limited to artwork, animations, characters, campaign settings, and this podcast, belong to whomever in our group made it (Adam Garrett for the podcast and 3D animations, Joshua James for most drawings and Flash animations, Daniel Lawson for Ooct the Space Octopus).

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