"Passenger" by Julien Mier (music) & Daan Kars (visuals)
full length download out in july 2011.

# Julien Mier Julien is a young composer and producer from the Netherlands, known for his eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres. His signature is this width approach of fragmented melodies, packed in a palette of, sometimes almost waterfall kind of textures and dreamy, melancholic stories. soundcloud.com/julien-mier

# Daan Kars (D_004) D_004 is representing the solo work of Daan Kars. Its focus lies on live performance as in vj’ing, live av sets and live cinema. Born and raised in the suburbs of Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, with a background in anthropology and documentaries, the work of D_004
focuses on the relationship between urban spaces we live in and the nature we come from.
From an aesthetic point of view the live sets have photographic mixed with abstract graphics. And, as other work focuses more on visual mapping and spatial video design D_004 searches for ways how to use the 4:3 screen in other ways than just a square screen.
d-004.nl vimeo.com/d_004

BornDigital shares AudioVisual clips Featuring Julien Mier, Daan Kars, Marsman, Takuma Nakata, Jonathan Read and Zumi, Utrecht based Born Digital provides for a versatile range of creative collaborations between Audio producers and Visual artists. The crew has always shared the fruits of their works through digital networks. Its creative roots trace back to the electronic music scene from the early nineties. In 2008 BornDigital was established as a foundation for new media & creativity. In June 2011 the BornDigital netlabel is established and releases audiovisual clips through a multitude of channels.

Stay tuned: borndigital.nu || twitter.com/stgborndigital

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