Ghost Writer is a 24-minute one-off drama, written by Jason Arnopp, directed by Guy Slater (Miss Marple) and produced by the TAPS organisation in 2009.

It's about love, death and letting go. Not to mention messages from beyond the grave. There's the odd laugh, too. Honestly.

The script was written with several technical restrictions. Which, as most writers will tell you, can force you to be more creative. These restrictions included:

1) A maximum of three locations (although that craftily became four on the day) on the Emmerdale sets in Leeds.

2) A maximum of six characters.

3) A maximum of 20 scenes.

4) No special effects or anything too technically demanding.

5) The whole thing had to be shot in four-and-a-half hours.

Barrie Ryan English (Darren)
Fiona Wass (Sadie)
Seamus O'Neill (Ron)
Lisa Brookes (Helen)
Giles Ford (Corin)


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