This is a short clip intended for use at the NIME 2011 convention in a presentation by Zachary Seldess.

Toshiro Yamada demonstrates the Auralization in 3 VR systems with system-specific spatialization using Asset Manager's panner abstraction layer at KAUST Visualization Laboratory.

The demonstration includes:
1) NexCave: 5 loudspeakers + 1 subwoofer using VBAP panning method
2) Cornea: 20 loudspeakers + 4 subwoofers using a custom 20-channel panning method
3) MPR: 8 loudspeakers + 4 subwoofers using a custom 8-channel panning method

Sound system development by Zachary Seldess, KAUST and Toshiro Yamada, UCSD

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