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This is a promo for Greater Europe Mission to help believers in Christ (around the world) who are interested in sharing their faith, to consider investing their lives in Europe.

Europe has a long history filled with a type of "Christianity" that Christ never taught. So many Europeans are fed up with this brand of Christianity and abandoning everything about it.

They've been inoculated to the Truth of the gospel. Religion has enslaved people with rules, profited from ignorance, and maintained a "Christianity" that would give the “church” power and control.

Sadly, much of Europe has thrown the "baby out with the bath water".

Today Europe needs the gospel, not more religion. They need people to come share Jesus... what he taught and how he lived while He was on earth.

This video was also made to speak to believers who think that Europe is already a Christian continent... that Europe is only a place to vacation instead of a place that needs disciples of Christ that truly transformed by the power of the gospel.

Jesus came to save the world from their sin. He brought "good news". He loves all of the peoples of Europe and wants none to be separated from Him now or in eternity.

Tech Talk:
This was done using After Effects and Sure Target 2.

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