You never know what's gonna happen when you buy a plane ticket. Where you're gonna sleep or who you're gonna meet. When we landed in San Diego international airport the plan was to take things one day at a time. I had no idea that the next day we would be at Bob Burnquist's ranch looking down his famous megaramp and stealing lemons from his lemon tree. Or that the next night we would be racing through the streets of San Diego in a mercedes (a night complete with hot tubs and massage chairs). Or that the next day in Hollywood a bimbo with big glasses would back her SUV into our rental car. Or that the day after I would go face to face with a motorcycle in Malibu and nearly get my arm run over. But that's what skate trips are all about. Except that motorcycle thing... seriously, watch out for bikers.

The roads and scenery of California are world renowned. We came here to skate and film the the most beautiful roads in the world. But you never know where that's gonna take you. Enjoy the first episode of our road trip in West!

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