The Transsexual, Bareback, Lesbian, Chairs Remix 2011 was created during the Safe Play Event by the Anonymous Autonomous Group aka The Medical Opera. The video is based on the video piece by Jussi Koitela.

"In his exhibition Safe Play, Jussi Koitela creates a media space to the Studio of Korjaamo Galleria. The exhibition consists of three work entities, where the artist places concepts and literary works to the space that are used in discussions about sexuality and gender.

Sunday, May 29th, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m, Safe Play Event takes over the exhibitions space as Jussi Koitela's anonymous autonomous group reshapes the space and the works according to the group members' own visions. The event is open for public and afterwards the exhibition will continue in its new form for an additional week."

Sound Jussi Koitela & Timo Bredenberg
Texts Jussi Koitela
Edit, animation and remix by The Medical Opera 2011

For more information see
The original version
and Safe Play dokumentation:

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