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  1. 02:39:46

    Craig Curk

    by Craig Curk

    6 Videos

    In 2005, the same year he founded QC Electronics, Craig Curk co-launched AC Production Technologies with Mike Cable and Al Cable. He led his sales teams to bring in ten million dollars in sales revenue…

  2. 02:34:17

    Luis Alfredo Baena - Asesor en Colombia

    by Luis Alfredo Baena

    9 Videos

    A lo largo de su carrera, Luis Alfredo Baena ha administrados grandes empresas en diferentes partes del mundo. En el 2005, fue asesor para BGP Seismic China Company, una posición que lo preparó…

  3. 06:21:06

    Leisure Getaways Incorporated

    by Leisure Getaways Incorporated

    22 Videos

    The overall mission of Leisure Getaways Incorporated is simple. They aim to offer their clients the most innovative solutions and products in the travel industry, backing this up with the knowledge…

  4. 01:47:43


    by Jesse Morrison

    1 Video

  5. 01:47:43


    by Jesse Morrison

    1 Video

  6. 02:09:34

    Brandon Steven Wichita - Business Owner

    by Brandon Steven Wichita

    6 Videos

    Brandon Steven owns several Wichita car dealerships. He has worked over the past decade to expand his growing collection of car lots to improve his entrepreneurial standing in the community. He is…

  7. 02:48:19

    Brandon Steven - An Entrepreneur

    by Brandon Steven

    5 Videos

    Brandon Steven is an entrepreneur in Kansas. While he was growing up, he watched his father run a chain of car washes and decided to become an entrepreneur as well. Steven started his career while…

  8. 02:57:15

    John Church JMI - South Coast Partnerships

    by John Church JMI

    13 Videos

    After leaving his role as an Executive Vice President of JMI, John Church made the decision to found South Cast Partnerships, Inc. He is the acting President of the company, which was formed in 2014…

  9. 02:43:26

    Carlo Trinchero

    by Carlo Trinchero

    19 Videos

    Carlo Trinchero dreams of running his family business in the future. He currently works as the General Manager of Trinchero Napa Valley, a winery. He is working his way up through the ranks and gaining…

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