As one of South Africa's best known men's hygiene products, Shield understands what it takes to ensure that active men remain clean and fresh at all times - regardless of their hectic lifestyles.

To promote their sponsorship, Shield briefed Urban Brew to create a commercial that would create excitement around the event. Urban Brew then briefed production studio Masters & Savant Worldwide JHB to create the sponsorship commercial.

Says Masters & Savant Worldwide JHB MD Roger Smythe, "The emphasis had on scale and action, and the robot concept brought home the idea of Titans. We want to take a more graphical treatment but also keep in mind the existing artwork and the client's references. The references directed us to create a mixture of live action and animation to really show that these soccer players are more than men, that they are tough and robot-like, with a metal exoskeleton to give them more power, confidence and protection. The fast, multiple angled style allowed us to show the mechanics of the game in a far more innovative and to a higher degree than what live action could achieve."

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