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Morning people,

This one was hard work.
It's very difficult to play for me.
I can't play it live.
The Recording was cut together by many pieces.
Hearing it out was hard too.
But I think it came out very good.

A practice lesson for DADGAD Tuning I recorded.

I first record the audio of the song,
then film me playing both guitars and edit them together.

Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Special
Strings: Ernie Ball 12-56
Tuning: Normal C
Bass: Keiper 5 string
Amp: Line6 Toneport UX2 with PowerPack AddOn.
Recording device: same as above
Recording Software: Emagic Logic.
Drums: Toontrack EZDrummer with DFH AddOn
Camcorder: Panasonic NV-GS 11
Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

See Ya.
Da Schehf !!!

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