As South Africa's banking industry continues it's revolutionary development, in a bold and daring step Virgin Money has used historical icons to communicate the Bank's commitment to breaking the traditional banking sector's stronghold on South Africans.

Historical figures which had a profound impact in the societies in which they acted have been given new speeches each communicating a step that Virgin Money has taken to give banking back to the people. The strongly guarded and sometimes controversial figures include John F Kennedy, Ghandi, Winnie Mandela, Bob Marley and Fidel Castro.

Turning to animation studio Masters & Savant, advertising agency BlackRiver FC called for the famous still black and white images of the icons to be brought to life purely through mouth movement and the inclusion of a voice delivering a familiar, but slightly changed speech. Among the revolutionary measures adopted by Virgin Money the commercials include Winnie Mandela who advocates the end of annual card fees.

Says BlackRiver Creative Director Ahmed Tilly, "The concept called for the commercial to make it obvious that the commercial was a spoof so as to illicit a humorous response on a serious subject, something Virgin Money has done previously and successfully with is advertising campaigns since it launched in South Africa."

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