Investigating Spaces (2007)/ Edwin Stolk

"Imagine to be everything and everybody, everywhere and in every situation you can think of."

The video performance 'Investigating spaces' starts from a pre scientific point of view. This movie is about a search throughout our daily surroundings in a social as well as material way. In a small setting, a room in my house, I use daily life materials as metaphor for large global issues.

[tags] to the work could be: mass consumption, terrorism, addiction, individualism, objectivism, politics, games etc. but always in search for the acceptance of human behavior. I am a radical phenomenologist, a subjective terrorist, everything outside of me is inside and I am totally outside myself.

'Investigating Spaces' is not a search for beauty, to make this visible it's made by hand with a low resolution photo camera, the actual image is emotional, rough and dirty in its search for acceptance. General television shows us more and more these rough video material shot with mobile phones right at the spot, often it shows the down site of life. (text by Edwin Stolk)

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