We're in the midst of severe weather season. Do your EMS providers know about the important equipment and technologies in your house that your child with SHCN might need to survive?

Have your local EMS providers ever seen a kangaroo pump, suction machine, or communication device?

Do you live in a rural area with few neighbors that could be difficult to reach?

Does your family have a plan for an emergency?

This training is for families with children or youth with special healthcare needs and/or developmental disabilities. Mike McCarthy, from the UMKC-IHD, shares with you how you can work with your local EMS providers to make sure your family's needs are understood if an emergency situation occurs and how you can make a plan for your family so you can be ready!

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You can download the powerpoint presentation and other materials from Wednesday's webinar in our webinar archive - mofamilytofamily.org/?catid=283

Check out the materials from the webinar and our new resources related to emergency and safety planning mofamilytofamily.org

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