This is my first music video, some of dredg's fans hate it. If you hate it too, well, hey, you're welcome, IT'S SOO FUN TO HATE STUFF!!!

Directed & edited by merkley???
Produced by merkley??? & Tyler Gourley
Water FX: James Dirschberger & Ken Fisk
End FX: merkley???
Elder Derelict: Ron Turner
Teen Derelict: Lars Gourley
Younger Derelict: Liam Bridges
Youngest Derelict: Jett Bridges
Life Guard: Dexter Simmons
Koolaid Fairy: Athena Rose Djurkovic
Koolaid Fairy Assistant: Mila Lilith Djurkovic

From dredg's album "Chuckles & Mr. Squeezy"
Superball Music worldwide except Universal Records in Germany/Austria/Switzerland

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