A chainsaw orchestra, a singing dog, an aboriginal women's choir, a woman who makes music from DOT Matrix printers, and a man who screams into (and chews on) amplified glass are just some of the musical innovators Jon Rose met on both sides of the 40,000 kilometers of fences he turned into musical instruments throughout Australia. Rose then compiled this carnival of souls into a giant chamber orchestra, which performed at the 2005 Melbourne Festival, a sonic map of Australia that emerged from Rose's sonic map of the fences between them.

This clip of bonus material from "The Reach Of Resonance," a feature documentary directed by Steve Elkins, documents Jon Rose's journey discovering these musicians, and the generally obscured "do-it-yourself" nature of music in Australia.

Aside from this video, scant information exists on most of these artists. However, Jon Rose has assembled a massive online archive (Australia Ad Lib) devoted to them and more than 200 additional unique musicians otherwise obscured from Australia's music history: abc.net.au/arts/adlib/

The fascinating Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address Jon Rose gave to shed light on Australia's radically unique and vibrant contributions to human culture through music can be read here: newmusicnetwork.com.au/PGH/JR07.html

The following are additional links related to some of the artists in this video for anyone interested in going further down the rabbit hole:

Ross Bolleter's World Association For Ruined Piano Studies (WARPS): warpsmusic.com/

Ross Bolleter's Ruined Piano Sanctuary: terrain.org/articles/27/cotter.htm

Col-E-Flower's vegetable instruments:
1.) youtube.com/watch?v=GUShITfsRDM
2.) youtube.com/watch?v=z1maXs9ypo8

Lucas Abela's (aka Justice Yeldham) amplified glass: dualplover.com/bio.php

Jodi Rose's Singing Bridges: singingbridges.net/

Ntaria Aboriginal Ladies Choir: abc.net.au/arts/adlib/stories/s904138.htm

Andreas Hadjisavvas's "Thank You Very Much" Song: abc.net.au/arts/adlib/stories/s985920.htm

Michael Hope's Department Store Music: abc.net.au/arts/adlib/stories/s841715.htm

Jon Rose: jonroseweb.com
The Reach Of Resonance: reachofresonance.com

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