Jaka Babnik is a photographer from Slovenia. He was here on the invitation of Eddin Khoo, the founder of Pusaka. Pusaka, formed in 2002 to document traditional Malay culture and heritage invited Jaka over for an opportunity to document these traditional art forms through his photography.

During the course of 2 weeks, Jaka would capture on film ritual performances of Main Puteri, Mak Yong, Wayang Kulit and the more entertaining, Dikir Barat.

The challenge for Jaka, although not apparent at first was to take the photographs whilst a video documentary was being shot on the ceremonies and performances, meaning that he had to exploit the lighting for video. Flash was a big no no and he had to shoot with a lot of movements from the 'performers'.

Jaka shoots primarily on film.

We speak to him on the second day of a two day Main Puteri ritual -- about what's been happening the day before, his thoughts as he goes about capturing the images and the challenges he faced.

Main Puteri is a healing ceremony conducted by a Tok Puteri, who is essentially a shaman. Tok Puteri calls on spirits and deities to help heal his patients who could be suffering from a number of maladies.

Video by Shufiyan Shukur
All footage shot with the Canon XF 100

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