This is the second in our "Climate Challenge" Series, the Five Filthy Steps of "Clean Coal," focusing on the most devastating practice known as mountaintop removal coal mining, the lethal monster of so-called "clean coal."

Rob Goodwin, Citizen Enforcement Coordinator with Coal River Mountain Watch, describes the epic battle that is happening in Appalachia to preserve the life, forests, streams, mountains, biodiversity, culture and communities that big coal is destroying for short-term profits.

Our first in the series focused on coal processing, which is the dirty step-child of "clean coal," and featured six-year old Madison Minton and her struggles living 150 yards from a coal processing plant in Kentucky. Here's a link:

Corrections: The last remaining resident of Lindytown is named Quinny Richmond. The woman who had previously been on "Climate Challenge" and was forced out of Lindytown was Laura Webb.

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