Stu Mead is an amiable, dedicated, softly spoken artistic force. He has successfully carved an internationally renowned career from his apartment in Kreuzberg Berlin. Type his name into google and you will pass an impressive 10 pages before you see any image not by him (a 1944 Willys MB vehicle owned by a Stuart Mead, in case you were wondering). His work has style and distinction, it is playful and colourful, fun to look at and enjoyable to journey along paths of fanciful deconstructions.

You look at his work and you build a picture of the mind of the man behind it, and then you meet the man. You meet him on his turf, in his world of a room decorated with curiosities from a dream, with a soundtrack from a happy childhood America that never existed. Not for Mead.

And the work becomes something different, shifts to another realm where it serves Mead a profound purpose, enabling him to fight the fight of a life that surely must have been gritty. I can't imagine his story, his journey from the States to Berlin, his past relationships, loves and losses, pains and... isolation.

The beauty of it all is that I don't feel any pity for the man, he totally rocks. He lives in a place of his own making and touches the lives of many, makes them stop, think and see the world a different way. And that is why Stu Mead is a hero of mine.

Stuart Acker Holt

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