by: Klaus Dilger and Nathalie Larquet
Dance and choreography: Nathalie Larquet

- Inspired by the poem of Rainer Maria Rilke „Archaic Torso of Apollo“ and Sloterdjiks' interpretation of this poem. -

We aimed to open an inner space and dimension, as well as a strong sense and feeling of movement within the spectator, to provoque a different approach to dance and the arts, rather than just remaining „outside“.

The filming is very basic: just with a small HD camera, no camera moves, and just two static angles, that the theatre audience usually would be unable to take:

we placed the camera on top of the dancer as third dimension view, and filmed in original speed. and we filmed the dancer from front in a close-up position that shows mainly his torso. This take is edited five times slower then reality, to underline the fourth dimension of time.

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