I was thrilled to partner with the awesomely talented Umeric from Australia to put this Man vs Wild spot together in 2008. I'd seen their amazing work for MTV and knew they'd be perfect for the concept we had in mind... Mother Nature literally coming to life to get Bear Grylls. Central Park in fall has never looked so much like a jungle. Incredible work. Shot on the RED camera.

VP Creative - Dan Bragg
Creative Director - Jeff Strong
Writer/Producer - Tyler Korba
Art Director - Amie Nguyen
Production Manager - Kevin Lahr

Director - Ash Bolland
Cinematographer - Jody Lee Lipes
Executive Producer - Von Dekker
Shoot Producer - Rene Shahala
Editor - Altti Sjögren
Matte Painter - Ben Hennessy
3D Artists - Octavio De Lellis, Alberto Santiago, Bill McGuire, Xenn McGregor
Compositors - John Kitching, Dan Loui, Emilie Boyard, Amanda Pamela
Rotoscope Artist - James Pina

Reid Hall Music
Composer - Reid Hall

Clean Cuts
Sound Design/Mix

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