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24 Frames Of Mind is by all means a reflection of me, John Gallegos . This is where I will be releasing all of my projects, thoughts, and ideas to the world. Along side of this I will be providing insight into up to date film news as well as will be providing special unannounced goodies for my audience to enjoy.

24 Frames Of Mind is driven by my passion. My sole intention as an artist is to deliver and distribute elusive stories and images to the world. When people see my images or hear my stories, I hope that with all of my being that I have moved them the way that my influences have shaped me . I hope that when you experience my art - you take something away from it.

Please note that all camera and lighting equipment are of the world’s finest caliber. I use all types of Motion, Video and Still cameras including: RED, ARRI, Phantom, and Canon DSLR cameras. Lighting packages for all of my pieces are from Mole Richardson Lighting and ARRI Lighting.

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