Amazing, compact and super fast zoom lens.
Only a teeny bit slower than those expensive f0.95 primes floating around - and this is a zoom! It needs to be used in ETC mode so it becomes 21-125mm-ish (42-250mm in 35mm sensor) lens - a fairly useful range. Not sure if this is a full-on CCTV lens.. Its construction is different than those with CS mounts. And unlike most CCTV/TV lenses, this one produces round bokeh.

This lens had to be modified in order to focus to infinity. Before, it could only focus up to one meter at its furthest range. So if you see it on eBay or something take note that you won't be able to use it properly without modification.

I tested this beauty while we visited an old couple while on a location scout for a film I'm working on. Afterwards I hit the streets at night to see how it fares. Does very well in low-lighting as expected but any bright lights turn 'milky'. May be solved with a UV or Polariser filter etc.

f1.0 zoom lens... Canon/Nikon/Sony DSLR shooters dream on!

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