Shout out loud with Djanan Turan's new single Cikis Var - Because if things aren't working for you there is always an exit.

Directed by Rosie Jones, Art Direction by Robin Harvey, Costume by Eleni Kryiacou, DoP Annabella Maneljuk, Camera by Mark Keshishian

Cikis Var:
Written&Produced by Ritchie/Omar/Olsher/Turan
Drums: Tansay Omar
Synth Bass: Raz Olsher
Guitar: Sam Ritchie
Accordion/Tuba/Bass: Paul Tkachenko
Strings: Rupert Gillett/Eva Gillett/Ernesto Estruch
Brass: Graham Hughes/Alex Harris/Sam Ricthie
Trumpet: Sam Ritchie
Backing Vocals: Ritchie/Olsher/Tkachenko

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