Amy and Dean deal with the death of their mother differently, but before they get on with their lives, they first have to get on with each other.

Shoot Gauge: RED
Formats Available: HDCAM, Digibeta, NTSC Region 0 DVD, PAL Region 0 DVD, Quicktime Pro Res 422, MPEG 2
Duration: 13 minutes 45 seconds
Genre: Narrative short drama
Premiere: Brisbane International Film Festival

Dean: Charlie Garber
Amy: Brenna Harding
Michelle: Krew Boylan
Policeman: Henry Nixon
Teacher: Michael Cullen
Shopkeeper: Carolyn Mattick
John Rosemount: Peter Adams
Mother: Jennifer Harwood
Radio Announcer: Grace Jones
Man at Busstop: David Goddard

Writer/Director: Cath Moore
Producer: Diana Ward
Executive Producer: David Optiz
Cinematographer: Oliver Lawrance
Editor: Andrew Soo
Composer: Kyls Burtland
Production Designer: Esther Couch
Costume Designer: Matthew Aberline

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