GX Jupitter-Larsen and Gil Kuno amplify and treat the sound of an aerosol can to create a live soundscape. The image of the can discharging is projected behind the performers to deliver the audiovisual articulations of erosion and entropy. The performance begins when the gas in the aerosol is released and ends when the can is empty.

The artists wear gas masks as if they were a metaphor for the effects of man’s contributions to entropy in the environment. This, despite the fact that the content of the can mostly just water, that pure and essential element in sustaining life.

This implied discrepancy is further exemplified by the absurdity of the performers taking their cue from the time constraints from said artificial object. Again, as if a metaphor to the current state of human beings suffering the consequences of disrupting their environment. This despite the fact, it was the artists who selected the function of discharge as the boundaries of the performance.

This picture finally becomes complete with the object centricity seemingly embodied by both the focus, and the actual spotlight, being placed on the can rather than the artists during the performance. This despite the fact, it is the artists who have the greatest influence on both the cause and effect of said discharge.

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