313RGB commenced research in motion tracking projection mid 2010 as part of the Sound to Light project. Using a mix of technologies including CCV (Community Core Vision), Infra-Red Cameras and Quartz Composer, the original work was installed as a Typographic floor projection for the event. This was combined with motion tracked sound clips coming out of Abelton via OSC.

313RGB moved on to experiment with the X-Box Kinect as the main capture device early this year, experiments included combining custom Twitter feeds into the QC shell. What is shown here is documentation of that process.

313RGB is currently working on a new project progressing these technologies further for the upcoming Sound 2 Light in mid-August.

Visit 313RGB: 313rgb.com
Follow 313RGB on Twitter: twitter.com/313rgb

Music by King of the Morning (Brock Vince)

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