N.B. please see my tutorial on Interpreting Footage (vimeo.com/25087727) in order to address the issues with aspect ratio for this footage. These have been created separately so as to focus on each topic separately so you don't have to load and scrub through this long video tutorial in order to find the section that is relevant to this issue.

In this tutorial we look at how to perform a one-point track in After Effects to add a background behind an actress shot on green screen were the camera is moving.

The process of a two-point track is also outlined here, though not performed, as well as detailed information on how to use the tracker, apply it to a null object, and link other layers to the information to replicate the camera's movement in After Effects.

A quick run through of how to create a garbage matte and performing a green screen removal is also covered, but for more in-depth tutorials on each of those topics please take a look at my other After Effects tutorials.

Finally, we will place a background image into our shot, link it to our tracking data, and quickly look at an example of how to composite the actress into the background through colour correction using the Tint effect.

Green Screen Removal tutorial: vimeo.com/16217008

Masks & Animation tutorial: vimeo.com/16010514

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