Shot at a Bollywood / Hindi festival in Madrid (5-jun-2011).

Just some random shots, cut to music, for testing the new Technicolor CineStyle picture profile on my Canon 550D. Some bits are shot with that, but others (mostly in the first half) were shot with Portrait picture style, with contrast=-4 and saturation=-2.

Everything was color graded in post.

Even if the final dynamic range used in the images is not that different (I started the color grading by applying the LUT to the CineStyle bits), the Technicolor picture profile is much, much better at preserving the highlights (all those shots with totally overexposed areas are the non-CineStyle bits).

I still believe it's best to get the look right in-camera in the first place, but for running-and-gunning stuff such as this, in totally uncontrolled situations, this Technicolor picture style is really, really helpful.

Canon 550D + Leitz Elmarit-R 35mm f/2.8 + Tiffen ND 0.6 screw-in filter
(sorry for the shaky camera, everything is handheld, I used no rig at all)

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