documentation video commissioned by Nostalghia Theater Co. for:

"SLEEP PROJECT" is on @Six D.O.G.S. Project Space! 5 artists from different disciplines, 5 days of non-stop art!

Each day, starting today at 12 noon and until Monday June 13th, one artist moves into the Six D.O.G.S. Project Space and creates a work inspired from sleep, dreams and/or the subconscious. In addition to working, the artists will each live & sleep in the space during the duration of their 24 hours.

The project focuses on the artist's process, giving the audience a chance to see him/her in various states, ranging anywhere from full-fledged performance to sleep.

Their work will accumulate and remain in the space for two days after the end of the project, as an installation.

Athens, May 2011

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