This is my NFTS graduation film from back in the day (1994). Two years in the making. It started as a one page draft for a 2 minute film that kind of grew out of control.

Two hapless fools try to aquire gameful employment but fail in spectacular fashion each time. There employment agent heroically battles to find them work finally having to battle heroically with dark state forces.

There is a scene in an airport involving a bomb which may now be considered in bad taste.

Though Shot in 35mm, sadly the only copy I have does not match the richness of that 35mm print. Appologies for the sound quality as well; it's a shame because the music by Simon Lambros is excellant.

Described recently by a colleague of mine as an 80's rock opera. Enjoy!


Elbows and Blud, the Blags, wait in a desolate Department of Social Security office whilst Mrs Headlamp, the woman behind the wire meshed counter, attempts to help them find work. She has two big problems - the Blags themselves and the sheer weight of bureaucracy which has developed a mind of its own. Running things behind the scenes, this thinking stack of filing cabinets has its own solutions for everything.

Blags is a story of ordinary folk verses the State and could appeal to anyone. The script came from the frustration the writers felt with various forms of authority. However, it is more a cathartic expression of anger and frustration than a political comment, a visual punch in the face. The wide screen look and the loud music were all designed to give the film an over the top, out of control feel. The idea being to put the audience in te same position as Elbows, Blud and Mrs Headlamp, post in an ever increasing bureaucratic nightmare.

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