Alternative title sequence for "I am Love(2009)"

The movie begins carefully with the observation of the interior details and empathy for the characters, rendering this observation and empathy constant for the voyeur throughout the whole movie. On a perfect dinnertable, there is perfect order and perfect bourgeoise dialogues where order and perfection is observed from a wide angle. Another significant detail is Milano’s architectural details, stairs as a metaphor for the ascending and descending, the top and the bottom levels, and especially the dining room and the long dinner table, the great height of the ceilings and wardrobes etc.

In this gigantic patriarchal order, each revolt is covered by a detail. Moment is the word, and prolonging these moments is to be the benchmark of the titles&credits graphics. Sudden swapping of frames of family and nutrition, family and birth, birth and nutrition, nature and nutrition, nature and birth and several other dichotomies are characterized by macro timelapse shootings of different haptic forms; their growth, interaction, diffusion, evolution, breakdown, and conflict. Elegance is one main aesthetic feature, of both the image and text.

shooting by 5D Mark II + canon EF 100mm f/2.8

sound design & effects: Ozgun Kilic
music: Cloudbank by Julianna Barwick

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