SunnyBoy joins forces with Spike TV's "1000 Ways to Die", a show full of bone-snapping, neck-cracking, and blood-spilling amusement. From storyboards to 3D rendering, SunnyBoy Entertainment brings all the visual effects to life. Including the look of the show, show opening, and in-show graphics of the 3D medical animation of the body.

SunnyBoy works from start to finish on the episodic graphics for Spike's 1000 Ways to Die. First, they storyboard the ideas shot by shot. Then they begin a pre-viz phase where they rough in animation and camera moves. Once they get notes and feedback, the real fun begins. “No blood, no guts, no glory!” says creative director, Michael White. You might even catch SunnyBoy animators acting out the scene to get a feel for what's really happening.

“Working on Spike TV's 1000 Ways to Die is a fascinating experience and were happy to help inform the viewers with such vivid animation. One of the most interesting things about working in post on this project is the variety of shots that we work on simultaneously”, said Michael White. They're usually juggling five to seven different episodes per week. While one person is doing character animation of a body falling down steps, another is simulating blood flow, and someone else is compositing a depth pass from the camera move.

A portion of the deaths in 1000 Ways to Die have received or been nominated for Darwin's Awards. This is an incredible show exhibiting the different possibilities of death while making us laugh and allowing viewers to see the visionary work from the guys at SunnyBoy Entertainment.

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