Also known in Thailand as "Long Thang".
This is the version that has been shown in museums and gallery environments with 11 screens surrounding the room. The three middle screens have usually larger projections and the nine surrounding are 42 inch plasmas.
Interesting with this story is that it starts as a love story with a man coming back to Bangkok to meet with his lost love (who has a daughter that is his, which he doesn´t know about) only to get robbed and loose all ways to find her. She looks for him and he for her, until he gets "mislead" by a man calling himself "Uncle Pu".
Well I don´t know who sent Uncle Pu to lead this man astray, but astray they are. When all is said and done, our hero makes one last attempt, only to end up in a real (very real) military coup!!!
WE were very lucky with all the props and all the extras from the Royal Thai Military, who just decided to stage a real military coup in Thailand on this last evening of our shooting on Saphan Phut bridge, Bangkok!

Uncle Pu is played by Withaya Pansingram and our hero who gets lost is played by Byron Bishop. Also featuring Richard Frost, Dara Suthivong, Maya Bui and others

- Thomas Nordanstad

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