NOTE: Subtitled versions of this show will be published eventually. The Lund show will also appear soon.


Stockholm, Sweden, 15 April 2011.

This was His Holiness' second day with IM in Sweden. This live recording was done at the public event in Stockholm Waterfront.

This was IMs big public event in Stockholm, followed the next day by a similar event in Lund (which can also be found here on IMs Vimeo).

On stage, His Holiness had a talk with Swedish TV-personality Mark Levengood. A good humoured talk, with depth as well as smiles. His Holiness gave a good example of the kind of speaker he is in 2011 - that is a thoughful conversationalist, with lots of stories and memories to share as well as his well-known humanism and wisdom.

Included in the recording is also introduction speaches by IMs Bo Paulsson and Monica Brundin Danielsson (partly in English partly in Swedish).

Two songs are played by Sweden's biggest singer-songwriter of the day, Lars Winnerbäck. He performs "Elegi" in the beginning of the show and "Ingen Soldat" at the end.

In the intro shots you can also see singer Peter Elmberg, unfortunately all of his song is not in this recording.

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