collaborative effort by ioflow and weldroid.

this was originally a short solo piano improvisation i made one night:

weldroid ( liked it enough to share with me his vision of the track, which was considerably re-amped and synth-fuzzed, and he gave my sketch a title: "light showers," which conjured up all kinds of awesome imagery. i liked his interpretation of the material enough to modify his stems, and then perform my modified version live, unrehearsed. it's even beatier and volt-warped than weldroid's arrangement, thus: "electrified."

ioflow > weldroid > ioflow > your eyes+ears

i used rove ( to perform this piece, on two monome 128s, which were joined into a single virtual 256 by griddle ( the top grid is my older secondhand kit-built 128, while the bottom grid is my new grayscale 128. its leds are actually very white; the camera gives them a pleasant blue tint.

the audio is available on soundcloud:

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