An extract from a tape lent by Marion Bréhaut in June 2011. Cliff Michelmore introduces an episode of Day by Day, Southern Television's Regional News programme in which my stepfather chats to David Bobin about Stanley Bréhaut, his cameraman on 'Out of Town' for twenty one years.
Thanks to Tony Herbert for transferring this and other tapes of Marion's to DVDs.
The novelist Graham Hurley - writer among other books of superlative police procedurals - who was an apprentice of Jack's at Southern wrote to me last year about him, writing this about Stan:
'Simon...I knew Stan Brehaut and George Egan (Out of Town, Director) very well. Stan was the first cameraman I ever worked with. He was a loner and a buccaneer, which I guess is why Jack rated him so highly, but he had a hatred of tripods which - towards the end of a great career - became a bit of a handicap. He used to work with an old handheld Ari, which limited him to 100ft rolls of film (just over two minutes), but this kind of discipline bred a fiercely economic shooting style and meant that rarely a shot was ever wasted. Nowadays, of course, most video cameraman graduate straight from the Fire Brigade school of location work and simply hose the thing around on the assumption that post-production might salvage a shot of two from the wreckage.'
By the time this clip was made Stan had decided a tripod and even Jack's trophy sniper's scope - a gem of an optic I recall from childhood - were helpful additions to his outdoor filming kit.
David Knowles who worked closely with Jack on both Out of Town and Old Country, which he produced for Channel 4, told me recently that Jack would make deliberate mistakes when talking to camera. "It gets people writing in" Jack told him. "I always wondered" said David to me the other day "whether that was true or an excuse". I have spotted one mistake in this clip and possibly another. Watch this space, especially if the optic experts get on to that "Zeiss" scope. The shed is a studio set, but we see much more of it in this clip than on episodes of Out of Town. .

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