Another film with music magnificently interpreted by Paola Erdas.
The music was recorded during a live concert, and is available on Paola's website:

Attempting to make visible what Paola's playing evokes in me is very demanding. To respect and dialog with her poetry, the images must not impose their will, they have to remain at a level that does not "speak" too loudly.
One needs to navigate that sensitive and elusive space that can exist between being "too close to" and "too far from" the music.
If Norman McLaren said that "animation is what happens between the frames," Visual Music is likely what happens between the music and the images, and that dialogue is often overwhelmed either by the music, or the images...

The music is "Tombeau de Mezangeau" by Gaultier/Perrine.

The previous films, "Romance 'Para Quien Crie Yo Cabellos'," "La rosa enflorece," "Pavana glosada," "Diferencias" and "La Folia" (with Paola's "Quadro Janas" ensemble), are also available here on Vimeo:

Festival ready (digital file, Apple ProRes 422 or h.264)

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