1st Graders listened to and watched Marie Digby’s music video, “Paint Me In Your Sunshine” today. Inspired by her music and the artwork of shadow artist, Ellis Gallagher, students worked in pairs tracing their shadows. I took pictures of work by students who wanted to have their shadows photographed.

Ellis Gallagher has become a well known street artist in New York City. He first started to trace shadows one night after working his shift as a waiter. Using the piece of chalk he had in his pocket to write the menu board at work, he traced the shadow of a fire hydrant. Since then, he has been inspired by shadows and light and considers his work interactive art as it invites the general public to take notice in public places.

Students enjoyed tracing their shadows and thought it was pretty cool that the images of their bodies remained when they stepped away.

Marie Digby is a singer/songwriter, who I actually was lucky enough to meet last summer after one of her performances. Here is the link to her music video, "Paint Me In Your Sunshine".youtube.com/watch?v=J8oPpXP1IWA

Soundtrack in this video: "Perfect Feeling" by Vincent Varco/ FreeplayMusic.com

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