"The key to the mystery... exquisitely detailed, the first serious documentary to explore the music, the motivation & the mayhem behind the MC5 myth."

One of the world's most incendiary live acts during their late Sixties heyday, Detroit's MC5 had largely fallen from the public consciousness in the years following it's final bitter breakup on New Year's Eve, 1972. Two of the band's most prominent members, vocalist Rob Tyner and guitarist Fred "Sonic" Smith, had passed in the early 90's due to heart problems, other members were worried their past careers "might go down the tubes as a footnote."

It was the legendary band's relative obscurity and lack of widespread public recognition that intrigued Chicago filmmakers David Thomas and Laurel Legler. At the beginning, Legler wondered, "What happened? These guys looked fabulous! They look fabulous and scary and incredible and their music was astonishing. So it started out with a sense of mystery..."

Over the next seven years Thomas and Legler would research and painstakingly craft the extraordinary documentary, "MC5 - A True Testimonial", illuminating one of the great untold stories of the Sixties, the meteoric rise and fall of the Motor City Five, while simultaneously exploring the cultural significance of the period in which the band existed.

The result is a highly acclaimed film that celebrates the MC5, a documentary that captures the band's ethos once described as risking everything, even their lives and careers, to make great music. One-time manager John Sinclair said the film gives "the feeling of what it was it was like to be in the audience and be in total abandon."

“Music so extraordinary that it transformed the lives of all who experienced it demands the release of a documentary that does the MC5 justice. Few bands have ever seen so much go so wrong so quickly and have been so misunderstood in the process. "A True Testimonial" represents a belated opportunity to set things straight, put things right. The fans deserve it. So does the band. And so does the music.” – Don McLeese, author of Kick Out The Jams (Continuum/33 1/3)



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